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1. META OASIS Outline

META OASIS is an open-world metaverse that embodies a virtual reality world.
META OASIS is a tool to realize a virtual reality world called “INCEPTION”, and a virtual reality world that reflects the characteristics of each individual or group can be created by applying Generative AI. In other words, it is possible to realize the world that individuals imagine.
Historically, culture and education have been conducted as INCEPTION, which injects knowledge or ideas into the human brain. In the future, it is expected that expressing one's thoughts and consciousness beyond this will be in the spotlight. More than 7 billion people on Earth have different ideas and personalities, and even a single human being has multiple personalities. The human desire wants to pursue and enjoy something that fits its opinion, such as doing what you want to do or the environment you want to do according to this. This is a human instinct. We can make this happen using Generative AI.
Generative AI is making remarkable progress today. It is applied to all fields such as character creation, game development, background or structure production, personal preference analysis, and customized assistants, and it is also being applied and developed in areas we did not expect. The virtual reality metaverse META OASIS is the right place to spread all of these things.
META OASIS is a virtual digital space that applies a Generative AI to develop the imagination of various social and economic activities by accessing it through an avatar representing the user's persona as a personal character.
In modern era, we tried to digitally implement a space where users can feel vitality and pleasure by building a customized space that reflects the user's thoughts in the reality where they are disconnected and fragmented from each other. Modern individuals often struggle to express their individuality in the harsh realities of life, but in a virtual reality environment, they can freely express and explore it. META OASIS was designed to provide convenient access for everyone, addressing the need for self-realization and individual expression among modern individuals. The metaverse was named "OASIS" to symbolize relief from thirst, vitality, and energy.
We envision that users will be able to fully express and enjoy their individuality in the virtual reality digital space of META OASIS using Gnerative AI, obtaining everything that may be unattainable in the real world.
META OASIS is a platform that enables global participation, allowing users to enjoy the experience through tokens acquired from gameplay. By leveraging each person's creativity, it creates an environment where participants can continuously enjoy engaging content, fostering growth for both users and the system.
Individuals accessing META OASIS will play a central role in the creative economy applying Generative AI, building cities, establishing nations, and cultivating a healthy and sustainable metaverse ecosystem.