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2. Worldviews and Stories

Asteria continent
Metarians, who resided on the beautiful and resource-rich Easter planet, once enjoyed peaceful and happy days. However, the reckless exploitation of resources led to the destruction of the environment. Deep beneath the planet's surface, a gas explosion caused severe crustal fluctuations, alerting the Metarians to the imminent demise of their home, the Easter planet.
In response, the Metarians gathered the mysterious treasures of their planet known as Easter-eggs. Harnessing the mysterious power of these Easter-eggs, they embarked on a journey to discover a new planet called "OASIS" in the distant universe—a planet abundant in resources and suitable for habitation. Guided by the light emitted by the Easter-eggs, the Metarians migrated to this promising "OASIS" in the universe.
To safeguard against the misuse of the immense and enigmatic power contained within the Easter-eggs, the pioneering Metarians divided and concealed them evenly throughout the planet of OASIS. They sealed the Easter-eggs, anticipating that wise descendants would unearth them a century later.
Now, a hundred years after the Metarians initial migration, the scattered Easter-eggs across OASIS have been unsealed, awaiting discovery by their wise descendant. The Metarian searches for the "Easter Egg" and seeks to unravel its mysterious power.
Meanwhile, the planet OASIS, having only begun its development a century ago, holds countless unexplored regions. Land holders have the opportunity to create their own unique domains, employing various themes and boundless imagination.
Embark on the journey to build your own world within the realm of META OASIS.
Let's try !