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3. Technical Stack

1. Unity Hybrid Metaverse

  • A multi-metaverse utilizing the Unity Engine, a globally recognized game engine.
  • Accessible through web, mobile, and PC platforms, providing a versatile metaverse experience.
  • Optimized for mid-poly graphics, catering to an adult-level audience.
  • Utilizes High-Definition Render Pipeline (HDRP) to deliver top-quality mid-poly graphics.
  • Seamless multi-server socket integration enables simultaneous gameplay for multiple users.

2. INCEPTION (Generative AI SDK Tool)

  • AI-powered tools : INCEPTION provides a solution to this problem by automating certain aspects of content creation. By utilizing artificial intelligence technology, we can help content creators produce more content in less time. Automated processes, such as creating an initial draft, proposing editing, or even creating a complete piece of content, can significantly reduce the time and effort required of content creators. This automation allows content creators to focus their energy and resources on other important tasks, such as developing strategies, planning content, or improving creative aspects of their work.
  • The Foundation provides regular Generative AI technical support and assistance with tool usage.
  • The Foundation offers a wide range of assets to enrich the creative process.