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4. Service Stack

1. Communities on DAO

  • All decisions within the DAO are collectively made by its members.
  • Decision-making in the DAO is carried out through voting, and the voting rights are allocated based on the score of the owned land. The scoring system for individual lands is as follows :
Land type
Regular Land
2 Points
Premium Land
5 Points
Royal Land
10 Points
Super Royal Land
30 Points
  • The DAO's governance system is accessible and functional on both web and mobile platforms, provided and operated by the foundation.
  • The governance system of the DAO operates according to the following flow :
DAO flows

2. AI-powered tool INCEPTION

  • META OASIS can create its own characters, backgrounds, and stories even if users do not have special skills or coding knowledge through the INCEPTION service that specifically applies Generative AI that works with artificial intelligence.
  • Through Generative AI, what I want and what I want to do is externalization of individual consciousness using the Psycho-matric method to derive the result.
  • These results are called Embodied Cognition, and the specific shape of it can be expressed in human language, voice, speech, behavioral mode, consciousness, clothes, food, housing, environment or background, symbols, specific machines or instruments, specific organisms, etc.
  • In other words, it is to bring out my Mental World and create a Virtual Real World.
  • INCEPTION will continue to update as Generative AI develops.

3. Website and Mobile-focused Metaverse

  • META OASIS is designed to be easily accessible and enjoyable for users on both the website and mobile platforms.
  • Users can engage in the metaverse experience and earn activity rewards even without owning NFTs from META OASIS.
  • However, users who possess certain NFTs may have the opportunity to receive additional rewards from their activities.
  • For a more immersive metaverse experience, users can download and enjoy the advanced version of META OASIS on their PCs

4. Land Service : Build Your Own World Based on Land

  • META OASIS comprises a total of 20,000 basic lands spread across 20 continents, with the possibility of additional special lands being introduced in some cases.
  • Each land possesses a specific size, determined as follows :
Land size
Land type
Regular Land
200 x 200 (m²)
Premium Land
300 x 300 (m²)
Royal Land
700 x 700 (m²)
Super Royal Land
1,000 x 1,000 (m²)
  • Every land within META OASIS contains valuable gas and mineral resources.
  • Land is freely traded as NFTs and uses INCEPTION to implement everything possible in the real world, including advertising, performance halls, exhibition halls, and business meeting rooms.
  • By owning and staking land, users are rewarded with the utility token called OFE Token, which serves as a participation reward.
  • The specific reward structure of OFE Token may be determined or modified by the DAO.
  • OFE Token will be listed exclusively on decentralized exchanges (DEX), and its price will be determined by market forces.
  • The OFE Token can be utilized within META OASIS for various purposes.

5. Governance

  • Decisions regarding policies or significant matters throughout META OASIS, as well as important policy changes or formulations, are determined through voting by the DAO.
  • Voting rights are granted based on the score of the lands owned, and the specifics of voting rights can be set or modified by the DAO.
  • To be eligible for submitting a governance agenda proposal, one must own a land with a certain score or higher. The qualification conditions can also be subject to change through DAO decisions.
  • In principle, the DAO is responsible for making decisions concerning the operation of META OASIS.
  • Examples of DAO decisions include the issuance and sale of additional land NFTs, deflationary policies like NFT buyback or burn, and decisions related to half-life, among others.

6. Game Town

  • The foundation aims to diversify the content within the Metaverse by offering multiple types of games.
  • Each continent within META OASIS provides at least one or two games, which serve as the primary use of tokens.
  • The foundation supports game creators, game item creators, and game character creators.

7. Creator Economy

  • META OASIS allows anyone who enjoys the platform to create buildings, structures, characters, and costumes. Using INCEPTION creator tools will be provided to facilitate easy production of these creations.
  • The creator economy plays an important role in shaping the META OASIS experience.

8. Other Services

  • Easter Egg Hunts : The PC version of META OASIS (client version) offers content that allows users to search for Easter eggs within the META OASIS world, adding an element of fun.
  • Media Service : The META OASIS streaming system enables real-time broadcasting of influencers within the Metaverse. Electronic boards or studios can be placed in the land, allowing users to enjoy and donate to streamers within the system.
  • Land Ranking Service : Functionality such as the number of visitors or view count can be implemented in the land, serving as a social networking service (SNS) feature.
  • VR, XR Service : META OASIS provides an immersive and realistic experience through the use of sensory suits, tactile gloves, and head-mounted displays (HMD) such as Oculus and Apple Glass. As future technologies and communication speeds progress, META OASIS will evolve and eventually be commercialized across all platforms.