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5. Business Model

1. Sales Revenue of NFTs

  • META OASIS generates income from the production and sale of NFTs used within the platform.
  • With the increasing number of users and content within META OASIS, there is a growing demand for NFTs. To meet this demand, the foundation continues to produce and sell NFTs since activity creators alone may struggle to fulfill it.

2. Fee Income

  • Fees from the operation of the creator economy: META OASIS charges a certain fee when goods, including NFTs, are traded on its marketplace.
  • Fees earned from consuming META OASIS content: Users may incur a small fee when consuming certain content, such as in-game purchases within META OASIS.

3. Income from use of the Metaverse platform : Advertising income, etc.

  • META OASIS serves as a Metaverse platform where users can enjoy various content. As the number of users increases, it is expected that advertising revenue will gradually grow.
  • Income is generated from the sale of NFTs and the right to advertise, with 50% of advertising revenue going towards incineration of $AIM (presumably a form of token or currency within META OASIS).
  • Other income sources may include revenue from various events or activities hosted within META OASIS and income derived from the use of the platform in other ways.